This is a list of the charities we have supported so far:

St Richards Hospice - £500.00 donation and 2 x Garden Hearts
Shakespeare Hospice - £500.00 Donation
Acorns Children's Hospice - £500.00 Donation and a Copper Family Sculpture
West Midlands Air Ambulance Charity - £500.00 Donation
Worcester Acute Hospital Charity - £500.00 Donation
Brookfield School, Hereford - £500.00 Donation and Tree of Hope Sculpture
Caring Hands in the Vale - £500.00 Donation
Touchstones Child Bereavement Support - £500.00 Donation and Copper Wall Heart

Evesham Adventure Playground Association - £500.00 Donation and Copper Wall Heart

Evesham & District Mental Health Support Services - £500.00 Donation

Marie Curie Solihull - £500.00 Donation and 2 x Garden Hearts

Heartstart Malvern - £500.00 Donation and 2 x Copper Wall Hearts

PLUS - Worcestershire - £500.00 Donation and Their Logo in Copper

Harvington First School - £500.00 Donation

Vale of Evesham School - £250.00 Donation and Copper Heart Sculpture

Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust - £500.00 and a Trophy Heart
Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven - £220.54 and a Copper Garden Heart

British Legion Poppy Appeal - £200.00 Donation

Educare Childminding - £200.00 Donation and a Chrome Wall Heart

West Midland Air Ambulance Charity - £300.00 Donation

All of our products for sale have 10% of the profits donated to charity

St Richards Hospice

The Shakespeare Hospice
Acorns Children's Hospice
Midlands Air Ambulance
Worcestershire Acute Hospital Charity

Touchstones Child Bereavement Support

The Brookfield School 

Caring Hands in the Vale

Evesham Adventure Playground Association

Evesham & District Mental Health Services

Marie Curie

Plus - Worcestershire

Harvington First School

Vale of Evesham School
Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven

The Royal British Legion
Poppy Appeal

Educare Childminding

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

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