All of our hearts are finished to a high standard before being sent to their forever homes. This includes polishing with steel wool and then spraying a layer of lacquer to protect the copper.

Copper is a natural material and can oxidise when it is exposed to oxygen and water. How quickly this process occurs will depend on the environment it is in.


Copper pipe left unprotected will quickly lose its shiny appearance and turn a darker brown, due to corrosion. Over a period of time it will build up a coating, called patina, which will give the pipe a blue/green colour. This corrosion isn't always a bad thing, after all it has given the Statue of Liberty its beautiful trademark appearance! The patina layer actually builds up to protect the copper from further exposure to oxygen and curbs the corrosion process. 

However we know some of you love the shiny copper finish on your hearts and we want to reassure you this can be easily maintained! All you need is some steel wool and some spray lacquer. Use the steel wool to polish the copper pipe, which will remove the oxidised layer and then respray with lacquer. Lacquer is not essential but it will extend the life of the freshly shined copper.