Copper Heart


We are husband and wife, Dan, full time plumbing and heating engineer and Lyndsey, full time Mum to Jasper. At the beginning of March 2020 when the whole of England was put on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dan was furloughed by his current employer. He was used to being really busy and struggled with so much time on his hands, like many of us!In an attempt to create some positivity and keep himself busy he decided to use up some copper pipe he had in stock and make some decorative hearts, with 100% of all money raised  going to help local charities such as hospices and care homes who have been put under huge strain recently. 


We set up social media pages to help spread our message to the local community and within a couple of months raised an amazing £10,000! 

Dan returned to his full time job in July 2020,  meaning he only has evenings and weekends free to make your orders so we do allow for a two week lead time. It also meant that Lyndsey took over the running of the business, looking after social media, answering your enquiries and also learning to make the hearts herself! Charity is still very much at the centre of our beliefs and we will continue to donate and fundraise where we can.


We never imagined this idea would have made it this far and never had any original plans to turn this into a business venture, so we thank you for your support. As long as you still want to buy our hearts, we will keep making them!